Friday April 19th

-13.00 arrival and accomodation of the teams

-14.30/15.00 beginning eliminatory competitions (1st day)

-20.00 end eliminatory competitions (1st day)

-22.30 meeting for trainers about tournament arrangement in Mordano at "Hotel Panazza"

Saturday April 20th

-8.00 beginning eliminatory competitions (2nd day)

-20.00 end eliminatory competitions (2nd day)

-21.30 tournament introduction and opening ceremony in Mordano

Sunday April 21st

-8.00 beginning eliminatory competitions (3rd day)

-12.00 end eliminatory competitions (3rd day)

-14.00 final competitions, placing challenges, semifinal and final games

-19.30-20.00 award ceremony

-22.00 tournament closing event

Monday April 22nd

-7.30-8.00 teams departure for visiting Imola racetrack or Mirabilandia park

-after visiting, teams departure or further accomodation as during tournament

Tuesday April 23rd

-8.00 departure of the teams



The tournament will take place from April 19th to 22nd in 3 different halls in Mordano, Imola and Sant'Agata sul Santerno (depending on the participating tems number).


Participation is reserved to young male and female teams of clubs currently members of National Federations, joining to the International Handball Federation;

The allowed categories are:

- U17 male and female

- U15 male and female

- U13 male and female

Each team can register a limitless number of players, every registered player can take part in the event, but a limited number of 16 players per team can play in the same game.

Tournament conditions

Tournament will follow the rules of Italian Handball Federation and International Handball Federation.

Competions will start on April 19th at 14.30/15.00 and will finish on April 21st in the evening.

Tournament will consist of an eliminatory phase, games for the final placings, semifinal and final games for all the categories.

Other info

All the participating teams will have the possibility to choose to visit either the Racetrack in Imola or the amusement park of Mirabilandia in Ravenna. The tournament package includes 5 meals (dinner on 19th, lunch and dinner on 20th and 21st) and 3 breakfasts (on 20th, 21st and 22nd); on 22nd a packed lunch will be supplied by the tournament organization, while dinner will be at teams' charge. All the teams can stay free for a further night (April 22nd) in the same lodgings and leave in the morning after (23rd).

Each participant needs to be identified by identity card or personal passport, to be showed on occasion of each match.

The detailed program of the event will be transmitted after subscription of all the teams.

Foreign participants will not be covered by Italian Handball Federation, therefore they will have to arrange their own insurance before departing from their country.

Accomodation will be at the Primary and Secondary Schools in Mordano(BO) with own devices (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.); players can use the school restrooms and the showers at the playing halls.

Each team can have minimum 1 and maximum 3 partners, who will be accomodated with the team.

Other potential partners (parents, representatives, etc.) can lodge at Hotel Panazza in Mordano at a special price; for further info please contact tournament organization.

In case not enough teams for one category are registered, tournament organization will reserve the right to put two categories together.

The documentation for the signing up will be sent by e-mail upon written request.

Duration of the match

A match for U15 U17 will last 1 single time of 30 minutes (1 time-out per team); in case of tie in the eliminatory games, 5 penalty shots per team are foreseen; in case of tie they will continue indefinetely.

A match for U13 will last 2 times of 15 minutes (without time-out); as for U15 and U17, in case of tie in the eliminatory games, penalty shots are foreseen.

Payment conditions

-110€ for each team (signing up within March 15th 2019

Players' registration:

-135€ each player (within January 30th 2019)

-155€ each player (within March 15th 2019)

Each team has to transmit the exact number of players not later than April 5th 2019.

The team will be officially registered upon the payment of the signing up amount and the 30% of the player amount (not later than 15 days after the written request).

All the payments have to be settled in favour of:

A.S.D Romagna Handball

IBAN: IT72D0312721001000000001358

reason: team name + category - players no. + partners

The event is organized by Romagna Handball ASD, board and lodging of the participants is possible only through tournament organization.

Player Package Payment

Payment for player package (board, lodging and additional activities) has to be settled as follows:

30% amount within 15 working days form the first written request

70% balance amount within March 15th.

At the arrival every team has to pay a deposit of 100€ for possible damages during the stay; this deposit will be given back at the departure if no damage has been done.

The registered teams will have to take part in all the main social events such as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Admission request has to be submitted within March 10th, after that date the organization will reserve the right to refuse the adimssion request.

In case a team cancels its participation before March 15th, tournament organization will withhold 250€ for administrative expenses and will refund the remaining amount.

In case of team cancellation after March 15th, up to April 1st, the 50% of the total amount will be refunded. In case of cancellation after April 1st, the organization won't give back the money.


For info related to the event signing up,please contact:

-Simone Ferraresi: +393383453678

-Lorenzo Martelli: +393453580495

-Giacomo Sami: +393342497115


Bank details IBAN IT72D0312721001000000001358

reason: team name + category + players number + partnersi